Entering the 20th year of total failure, idiocy, and destruction
by the greatest rock and roll group in the history of music.

2011 saw us release We’ve Come For Your Women (And Some of Your Men)
& The Legendary Runny E.P. – out at www.drugfrontrecords.com!
2013 saw the violent release of California Uber Phallus!

Love y’all motherfuckers!

lemoncookieLEMON COOKIE   vocals
He’s a piece of work.

quesoQUESO NEGRO   guitars
Also plays in: Max Low & The Electric Lights
The force behind the force.

colonelCOLONEL CREAM   drums and vocals
Also plays in: The Whores
The timekeeper and fury.


crackerCRACKER DAP   bass
Also plays in: The Whores
The male model.


Also plays in: Scott Holcomb
The historic destroyer

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